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EMANDES - Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs.
"We are designers who specialise in unique hand crafted pieces and LED lighting. We make glowing sculptures, emotive lamps and LED objects, especially for hi-tech interiors.
We are accomplished at using optical glass, embossed with hand carved etchings and patterns. Our lamps are equipped with the latest technology, which we manipulate easily and LED's are an integral part of our lighting designs.
We often make no effort to conceal any of the electronic components, instead, through clever design, we make these parts an interesting design feature. We are very passionate about our art and we really enjoy playing with all sorts of technologies when creating our unique interior pieces. We have developed a system for integrating individually tailored control systems in our LED Lamps to reflect the desires of our clients. Latest technologies are our passion and we are constantly searching for new innovations and inventions, in fact we already look forward to all the unimaginable advances we will uncover in years to come.

Searching for The New Dimensions in Light led us to create our latest collection of Emandes lamps."